Candy & Cherry fight for stray dogs food | Unboxing Dog Food | Ss Vlogs :-)

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    1. BeInUrCenter Tarot and Oracle Reading 444

      From yari road to 4 bungalows feeders fed dogs all lockdown. My Ex husband helped local NGO to drive ambulance during lockdown. They struggled to get chicken and rice during lockdown. Still every day at night they fed stray dogs. Imagine their plight during lockdown. Unsung hero's. You can still spot them at night feeding,treating and taking care of both dogs and cats. Please visit Good Shephard church at 4 bunglows. More then 100 to 200 cats dumped there. Adopt them, help them get sterilized. Guys so many ways you have help nature around you. Sambhavana is such a good soul. She is doing her part,you do your part.

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        Hi guys 🙏 plz help me I want to do IVF but I can't afford it so please 🙏 help me it is my not fake it true 🙏🙏 plz for God seek help me 🙏

      5. Gizala Khan

        Good work mam👍👍👍 I am ur big fan.i m watch ur all vlogs with my family...I m 12ry boy...I want to cats food mam.right now I m not afford food to my cats so I want some help.🙏🙏🙏

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    3. simranNigam Nigam


    4. simranNigam Nigam


    5. Sunil Gupta

      So cute cheery

    6. Humaira Qureshi

      Jerry white panda 🐼 . Candy like a sweet cake 🍰 . Coco busy 😉

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      I am small now so I can't send any thing but one day I will send ❤️🙏

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      coco mila maam

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      Welcome from saying my name . I have send you the coco , cherry and chunchijs big card and my dogs name is snowy

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    11. piyasa Samanta

      Cherry is a so beautiful dog but candi is so puet dog coco ha gasay bala dog

    12. Chayanika Dowerah

      Candy is so good

    13. Chayanika Dowerah

      What is your name

    14. Jyoti Bansal

      Mam u r very cute ,ur way of talk with ur dogs r very nice,pr unko gussa mat kiya kro atleast camera k samne, don't use Gaali

    15. Shazia Alvi

      My name is zargham pakistan

    16. Shambhavi srivastava

      0:53 look at Avinash sir

    17. Samiranjan Phukan

      I give bisket for candy and coco

    18. Om Prakash Singh

      Love. Video

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    20. Tubba Azim


    21. Dipte baghel

      OH frame broken shit i made it Vary peacefull

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      You are so good and I love dogs and puppies 💖💖 you are so good woman. That they are dogfood. I'm Piyush Sharma and I'm your faen.

    23. Zaina Ansari

      Hi Sambhavan Didi how are you I'm 8 year's old and my mom's name is saba and my dad's name is fahad and my mom's birthday come in 8 Oct and my dad's birthday come in 8 Feb and my birthday come in 13 Nov 😍😘

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      Apka dogs bhout cute ha

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      Hi sambhavna mam big fan 😍🌹🍟

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      Candy crush on Sunday morning

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    32. sandeep kumar

      I'm very sad I am very sad because candy is whiter cherry is fighter cherry I'm very sad I'm very stud I am dislike to your channel

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      Sambhavna Mausi

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      Gift ki packaging kab khulega sambhavna Seth volg gift ki packaging kab khulega

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      Hah mereka berantem tidak bisa di biarkan iyah

    36. Siraj Fatima

      I want to cat.. Food please place hai india🇮🇳 noor khan bazaar

    37. Harikeshwar Patel

      6:10 sambhavana Seth mam reaction when dog food fallen down

    38. playing hobbie

      I know vanshicka jain

    39. Mary the Fox

      Pls make volg then your giving dog's and cat's food for then pls pls s

    40. Narendra solanki

      Candy is so cute dog

    41. kinza navaid

      O M G

    42. Vaydehi Dosi

      When candy came to avinash lap and when cherry is eating the food that two are the cute moment in this video☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😊😄😄😃😀

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      Hello Sambhavna

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      प्लेस दे दो डॉग फ़ूड

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      Cherry or candy fight it

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      Hi sambhavna Didi apka adress kya h

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      So sweet chearry

    50. Rabiya Khan

      Mam hm bhi krte h dogs ke liye kaam please help me mam

    51. Cooking With Nagma Qureshi

      Very very so nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍 mere channel ka visit Karen

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      Aww so swt cherry 🥰😘😘

    53. Ayushi Srivastava

      Oh waoo swt vlogers wid swt subscribers 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    54. InViNciBLe SouL

      Cherry 10:07-10:16 kuch to log kahenge logo ka kam hai kehna I choose to be quite because I am a happy person Cherry at 10:24-10:26 But I'll defend my boundaries without hesitation U want a fight I'll bring a war Cherru mama is love 😘😍❤️💕💞💗💓

    55. Deepa Joshi

      Please share the details or the link or your ac quilt set which you use

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      New video bhejo

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      11:14 was the funniest scene 🤣

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      Avinash ji u r too good husband

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      Tetraxle size🤣🤣

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    63. Vishwas Verma

      Tumhaari shkL dekh k lag rha h tum y sara dog food sale krdoge dukaan walo ko saste rate me....beekhmange lg rhe ho dono shkl se tum....

    64. Poonam Kinra

      Geet kindra.

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      Pls app jab stray dog 🐶🐕 ko feed karaoge tab vlog banadena pla 🙏

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      Cherry is so cute

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      Rakhi sawant ko janta ho

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      Mama I send the dog food that has not the address or my name and I want to say my name is Adrija Sanyal

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      Sambhavna mam selute to you

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      Sambhavna Mein mere pass bhi Chehre Se Ek cute sa dogi hai mera naam Pihu Sharma hai aur mere Pet Ka Naam hal hai Angel

    73. NAGA RAJU

      Mam apko tho pore saal ka dog food mill gaya

    74. VII A DAKSH 22

      Tomorrow will after one gift more

    75. Aishwarya Pachauri

      Mam me Agra me dogs ko food deti hu ..if possible then provide some dog food for dogs of Agra also 😊

    76. MAHNOOR noor muhammad

      At 0:57 I got scared 😨😳😳😳😳 😂😂😂😂😂👍👇👇👇👇who else

    77. geeta iyer

      Sam pls check these dog food is going to strays...not for selling purpose or in the kennels at lower price....🙏

    78. Vinny Not the pooh

      Sambhavana garu I'm from andhra pradesh. My mother tongue is telugu still I follow all ur videos.. U are very good at heart that's what attracted me... Love you sambhavana

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      Mene cat food diya he I am 8 year old my name is satvik

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      I love you but I am 8


      New Jersey

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      I also want to send dog and cat food but I cant send the prcla sore

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      Really amazing

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      I like candy so cute

    87. Aisha Arna Siso

      I love so cute candy

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      Suberb vidio

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      I am now of 15 years old are sense I am taking care of cats from 1st standard .. actually I am a grate animal lover ..I have 3 cats my last small cat's name is candy .. actually I had a great experience with my cat my Cutie's but some were it was difficult bcz of money..but still I patiently take care of them in such a good way ..bcz they're my life along with my parents 🙂🙂

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      Bhai mana bhi bhaja h cat food

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      #sonitomer loves your content.

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      Didi please mujhe dog food thoda de do mea bhi apnea as pass de dungi mujhe bhut mhenga pdta h please

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      I like your PAprom channel and your dogs cocoa Cherry candy I love

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      Candy - sooooo pampered and jealous. Cherry - soooooooo cuteee and smart. Coco - silent and enosent

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