CANDY got another HEALTH issue | Ss Vlogs :-(

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    1. lovely life

    2. Deepti Laroia

      Sambhavna. Seth why you use the same cup for coffee by ishita I. Am a 8. years old girl

    3. Subir Jana

      Cande is very nice

    4. My Little Pony toy surprise

      y dont u have ur own biological children ....enough of playing wid dogs tats parcially right but have achild atleast life will be much more fun.....

    5. Abhinek Jamison


    6. Rajesh Guleria

      I love u mam and sir 🥰🥰

    7. katerine re

      Hey. I liked the video! I have been trying to look for a vid similar to yours that really educates everything in this PAprom vid! 🧑🏻‍⚕️ The part at 1:02 is my favorite. Your content for sure is like the content from Dr Ethan. Doctor's explanations are informative and he helped me on my practice. I recommend you watch his page out and give the Dr a like! 👉 #FutureDrEthan

    8. Saroja Poojary

      Sambhavana you always take candy in your bed but not cherry

    9. My Muskan sk Shekh

      Candy is a good puppy

    10. sister vlog


    11. Preeti jessy Jessy

      Plz cherry ki itching ko dekho plz plz plz dosra koi aur vet ya medicine or spray plz use karado sambhavna ji plz plz plz🙏🙏❤️

    12. archana kumari

      Starring pakdo warna nahi rahenge each other😂😂😂

    13. Sarabjeet Singh


    14. Piyush amrit

      Kya bimar kutte ko pal rkhe ho bahr bhgwao 🙄

    15. Meenakshi Bhardwaj


    16. MAHNOOR noor muhammad

      Thumbnail main aisa laga jaisy Avinash sir is crying🤔🤔🤔 but in real on ki ankhon main khojli ho Rahi thi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😝😝

    17. Asif khan

      Baby le lo mam

    18. Kamal Kaur


    19. Gauri Shankar

      You both are sweet hearts 💕bless you both

    20. SHEENA The Globetrotter

      This just works as a stress buster... I love her vlogs!!

    21. RoamFindClick



      Tomorrow (24 feb) is my birthday 🍪🍬🍬🍪online sweets for everyone

    23. anjali chopra

      thnku for making vlogs daily

    24. Jyoti Ghanghas

      Ye Log konsi secret walk ki baat kr rhe h👊

    25. Tasneem Merchant

      Am I the only one who doesn't know which walk they were talking about????

    26. Glamorous Gudzz

      Hi sambhavana ....I recently started watching your vlogs...i would just say you are above any level...i really enjoy your vlogs and it is well said that your way of treating animals shows your own character and you love your pets pets alot and I really want to be so confident like you in vlogging...loads of love

    27. Suman Kumari

      Mam aap apne bache kab kare gee

    28. Megha suhani Entertainment show

      Hi Didi please reply me 🙏🙏🙏🙏 muja achcha lagega didi 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    29. Mahee & Mamma

    30. Jassika Madaan 28

      I am dietitian for your good health drink a this drink 1. Take diced ginger 2.half tablespoon jeera 3.half lemon glass lukewarm water 5. Mix all that things And drink sip by sip

      1. Jassika Madaan 28

        You can jeera or jeera powder

    31. Deepsikha singha

      Thank you guys for 20 subscriber now plzz reach us till 30 subscribers.....

    32. Remya Ragesh

      Where you r living it's myplace

    33. sky bhat

      My mom says ki Sare din coffee coffee pata nhi kha se aate ye log 😂😂😂😂😂 it's joke mamm plz don't mind

    34. Abu Zafar


    35. Easy teacher

      Ye chota bhai hai kia

    36. Easy teacher

      I hate u you jealous with shweta tiwari and rakhi


      subah ka din h🤣🤣🤣

    38. F Hania015okhoghjiu8uuhhlo6i


    39. Anchal Rawat

      Love you guys

    40. sujay pathak

      Mam app candy ko avinash sir k sath gym bhead digia to vo fit and fine ho jayge .Dumble bas ek bar uthana hoga to sare health issue bhag gayenge

    41. food lover

      Vlog is incomplete without cherry my favourite i also want to buy it

    42. ayaan gumgaonkar

      what do u like most coffee or Avainash

    43. Meenakshi Choudhary


    44. Melbourne vibes

      Sambhavna is getting little jealoused of Avinash’s success

    45. Rehaan Abbas

      Disgusting 🤮

    46. Insiya Taher

      My and avinash bhaiya's birthday is on the same date.

    47. Divya b

      Please u both dance on Telugu no. Ramulo ramolu

    48. NIM_me

      I thought i am the only one who cleans up my own dog's ear wax by ear buds 🤣🤣

    49. Arpit Gupta

      3:53 mam me khana kha rha tha

    50. Aisha Singh

      I love ur dog

    51. Aisha Singh

      Hello mem I have also 3 dog like kids

    52. Deepika Ruskin

      Lovely Almeras n coffee corner❤️

    53. Ranjeet Kour

      Kaafi tym ho gya avinash k mummy papa nhi dikhay

    54. shehroz khan

      Shadi ko kitne saal hogaye ji aapko? Bacho k sath kitni cute lagogi aap .

    55. Silpa Pattanayak

      Di where u got cartoon suit????plz tell in ur vdo...u r really clean heart person ever seen🥰

    56. Crafty Splash

      Lol 😂 amazing made my day much much much better

    57. KIRT Gaming FF

      Mam apko... Ham subscribers Jada pasand ha ya.. Candy coco cherry Please comment 😊

    58. Vidhya Saroj


    59. Lalita Swami

      Mam m aapko bhut psnd krti hun m aapse ek bar phon pr bat krna chahti hun plj plj plj

    60. miss Anjali

      Kbhi kbhi kuch alg bhi kiya kroo ..yarr

    61. Pratiksha Tinkari

      Tea , coffee lover ❤️ and a dog lover

    62. Pujadipe Adhikari

      Yehe mera baby ka aalu bengan🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. reshma ubnare

      Get well soon candy love u baby

    64. Shubhangi kachi Shubhu

      Get well soon candy 👍🏻

    65. berry mccall

      3:26 5:54 Love ❤️❤️❤️

    66. PHOENIX says

      Choni ko dard hua 😞Hugging mumma helps heal anyone from anything .. that’s what candy does all the time . Get well soon candu maama

    67. Preeti Kanwar

      Go in bigg boss our boss lady

    68. viveck Bisht

      I hope candy will fine

    69. Savneet Joshi Canadian vlogs

      You are the only celebrity getting this high rating see ur views man Wao👍

    70. Rubab Shahi

      Uff aalu bengan kitna yummy lag raha hai... plz kabhi samne cook kren ye 😌😋😋

    71. S M SINGH

      Candy get well soon

    72. Aryan kumar

      Candy so cute dog and very pretty😍😍❤️❤️

    73. Shraddha Srivastava

      Coco ki ankh main laser Kara do use dikhne lagega ......... Himalayans husky vlogar ke dog ko cancer huaa tha .......elaj ho Gaya abhi thik ho Raha hai

    74. maryam

      3:44 i was eating food🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂

    75. Shital Jadhav

      I love cherry

    76. Hardeep kaur

      Be holy soul world heaven on earth from Kenya

    77. Hardeep kaur

      Our journey life honours heaven on earth beautiful beautiful beautiful souls all souls are heaven on earth live blessed life walking for everyone health haha haha haha you are very funny journey honour thanks

    78. Dishita Kulshrestha

      overacting krte hain ye kutte

    79. Melody tunes

      4:32 what kind of walk? I don't get it can someone pls tell me

    80. SHRIYA

      Candy is so cute😭😭❤️❤️

    81. Krishna Sen

      I'm like :-(

    82. richa rastogi

      Ur night suit is very cute ..pls send us the link..aapne kaha se liya

    83. Teentigadha

      I am 10 year old. And I am your biggest fan.. And please take my name aditi🙏🙏🙏

    84. Queen Nitya

      I feel bad for candy she so cute

    85. Deepanki Jain

    86. YAMINI

      yrr sambhavana kuch to avinash k liye chod do

    87. DHRUV Arya

      Anushka Arya

    88. aman yadav

      Candy so cute

    89. Basanti Loorung


    90. Abhang khajana

      Candy cherry coco in tino ko kab kharida tha😊

    91. Tabassum Saif

      Sambhavna didi u r the best and lots of love to u both avinash bhaiya also and u r strong lady be happy always

    92. Karuna sawarkar Sawarkar

      How you had given them potty training please tell us

    93. Sohail Khan

      Humne aapka Namak hai ka first episode kab aayega

    94. Shikha Ahuja

      Please start giving her fresh food- chicken and veggies. Not the processed packaged food. It will help her to manage the weight and fitness

    95. Devang Patel

      Please do Death prank on 3 dogs

    96. Ajay Salaria

      Can you buy a Pomeranian dog

    97. Paramjit Dhaliwal

      Candu mama ho jaegi theek don't worry

    98. Smita Sameer

      Mam, Help kisari ...your friend.

    99. Karthik R

      Leave candy to breeding and she will be all right

    100. sangeeta sharma

      Hlo mam my 5 year son daily insists me to watch ur vlogs just to see ur dogs 🐕 🥰😄